UpGrade is an open-source platform for A/B testing in education.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations use A/B testing to improve student outcomes and advance the science of learning.

Measure what works in education

Bring learning science to your products

With UpGrade, you can run field trials while maintaining the consistency of learning experience.


Upgrade has features to support researchers, product managers and engineers.


  • Design and deploy experiments easily

  • Monitor experiments using data feedback loops
  • Automatically start and end experiments
  • Export data for further analysis

  • Run multi-site experiments

Product Managers

  • Run A/B tests with consistent user experiences at the individual, class, school, or district level

  • Test how new effective new features
  • Exclude or manually assign users from the field tests
  • See how experiments run in a demo mode


  • Use feature flags to release features over time

  • QA new features in production before releasing them to everyone
  • Easily keep track of the errors
  • A structured way to experiment with features

How UpGrade works

Collaboratively design new product experiments that compare the efficacy of different learning resources (videos, tests, algorithms, etc.) Each experiment assigns students to variations of the same resource to measure which version has the best effect on student learning and engagement.

Advancing the Science of Learning


Development of UpGrade is driven by rigorous scientific research.

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UpGrade is an open-source platform for A/B testing in education.

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